Ireland Graveyards, 2010

for Linda ("chocolatepoint" on Flickr)

Sherwood Harrington

Thanks for the kind offer to take a photo that I might want. I don't have anything specific in mind. If you happen to roll by an interesting old cemetery, though, and feel like taking a few shots, I wouldn't mind seeing the photos. You know how I love old cemeteries and genealogy and such. Don't go out of your way, though!

Thus wrote my friend Linda over on the photo-sharing "Flickr" site before Diane and I took off for our stay in Ireland this past summer.  Since one can't roll more than two or three kilometers anywhere in Ireland without tumbling by an interesting old cemetery, going out of our way to snap a few shots for Linda was never an issue.  Culling down the candidates, on the other hand, was tough.  This collection of 30 images is the best we could do -- cutting any more would have been too painful! -- and is arranged in rough chronological order of cemetery usage, from the stone age (Knowth and Uragh) to the present.  And, yes, the last five images stretch the parameters of the request just a little bit.

How this gallery works: click on any "thumbnail" image below to be taken to its page, or click on the first one and then follow the arrows for a complete slide show.  NOTE: many images have captions below the photographs; you may have to scroll down to see them.

01-01KnowthPassage 01-02Knowth1 01-03KnowthPano1 01-04KnowthPano2 01-05KnowthNewgrange 02Uragh1
Knowth Passage Knowth Open Tumulus Knowth Panorama #1 Knowth Panorama #2 Newgrange from Knowth Uragh Stone Circle
02Uragh2 02Uragh3 02Uragh4 02Uragh5 03Clonmacnoise01 03Clonmacnoise02
Uragh Stone Circle Uragh Stone Circle Uragh Stone Circle Uragh Stone Circle Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise
03Clonmacnoise03 03Clonmacnoise04 04Kilmacduagh1 04Kilmacduagh2 05Lorrha0 05Lorrha1
Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise Kilmacduagh Kilmacduagh Lorrha Lorrha
05Lorrha2 05Lorrha3 06Killeinagh1 06Killeinagh2 06Killeinagh3 07Moy1
Lorrha Lorrha3 Killeinagh Killeinagh Killeinagh Moy
07Moy2 08-01PetCem1 08-02PetCem2 08-03PetCemPano 09-01Portumna1 09-02Fury
Moy Powerscourt Pets' Powerscourt Pets' Powerscourt Pets' Pano Portumna Mansion Ruin Fury