Winter Break, December, 2006

Sherwood Harrington
December, 2006

This winter break, the first since Doug's death, was spent pretty much hunkered-down and nestled in our cabin in Boulder Creek.  Visits from family helped warm the solstice, and our animals, as usual, provided comfort and joy.

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181Oolie 182OrnaFreighter 183Tree1 184Tree2 185Tree4 231Di+Tree 232Jax2 233LRwide
234Ryan 241Fonzie+Loot 242JaxIntent 251GraceKaleid 252GraceEm 253Family 254Kelsey 255Cooper
261Emma 262Jax 263Jax+Em 271Debris 272Raked 273Pippin 274AlSnooze 281Woodstove
291WoodsWalk 292WoodsTwo 293SmokeOnWater