Winter Break, December, 2006

Sherwood Harrington
December, 2006

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This was Cooper's first Christmas as a family cat (as opposed to a pampered, champion show-cat).  He's still trying hard to figure out all this wide-open-house-freedom stuff, not to mention all those strange other animals around him.  Overall, though, he's pretty happy.
Also, overall, he's pretty HUGE.
(Back-story for newcomers:  We obtained Cooper, Al's nephew, from the Lunarcoons Cattery folks when they went out of the Maine Coon breeding and showing business last June.  Cooper was their top prizewinner, and they wanted to keep him as a house pet, but he and his grandfather, Al's sire "Eek", couldn't get along, so they farmed him out to us.  Cooper is actually something of a celebrity; he was TICA International Longhaired Cat of the Year in the 2003-2004 season.  His full, official name is "International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion, Lunarcoons' Copernicus".)
Around here, he's just a loveable doofus, and he seems comfortable with that.  As long as he's fed regularly, that is.