Winter Break, December, 2006

Sherwood Harrington
December, 2006

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Adam, Grace, and Diane on Christmas Day.
Sherwood's younger son, Adam, drove Adrianne and Grace down to our place from Pleasant Hill on Christmas Day.  We all thought that a very little gathering on this first Christmas after Grace's dad died would be a good thing for her -- and for us -- and we were right.  It was a good, warm, time.  We were only sorry that Adam's friend Lynda couldn't be there, but she had other family matters to attend to.
Grace, of course, was absolutely inundated with gifts this Christmas season, but the one she seemed to like the best, at least right away, was this kaleidoscope.  It was passed to me (along with a packet of Ireland-doll-themed stickers) by my good friend Lyndell Blankenship several months ago, with instructions to give them to Grace when the time seemed right.  This Christmas seemed right, and Grace loved them.
Thanks, Lyndell!