August 3: Aran Islands

Sherwood Harrington
August, 2006

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EireSlide-0069 EireSlide-0070 EireSlide-0071 EireSlide-0072 EireSlide-0073 EireSlide-0074 EireSlide-0075 EireSlide-0076
EireSlide-0077 EireSlide-0077b EireSlide-0078 EireSlide-0079 EireSlide-0080 EireSlide-0082 EireSlide-0083 EireSlide-0084
EireSlide-0085 EireSlide-0086 EireSlide-0087 EireSlide-0088 EireSlide-0089 EireSlide-0090 EireSlide-0091 EireSlide-0092
EireSlide-0093 EireSlide-0094 EireSlide-0095