August 19: Birr Castle Demesne

Sherwood Harrington
August, 2006

We spent this day back "home" in Birr and the Bothy, taking care of some laundry and shopping, and resting up for the next day's start of our County Kerry trip.  The morning broke rainy, but when the rain let up I set out with the camera to fill in some blanks in my Red Tree Trail photos project.  As usual in this place, though, it proved impossible to just take the pictures I set out to take.

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EireSlide-0337 EireSlide-0338 EireSlide-0339 EireSlide-0340 EireSlide-0341 EireSlide-0342 EireSlide-0343 EireSlide-0344
EireSlide-0345 EireSlide-0346 EireSlide-0347 EireSlide-0348 EireSlide-0349 EireSlide-0350 EireSlide-0351 EireSlide-0352
EireSlide-0353 EireSlide-0354 EireSlide-0355 EireSlide-0356 EireSlide-0357 EireSlide-0358 EireSlide-0359 EireSlide-0360