June 24, 2006

Doug's stepbrother, Ryan Vickers, married Christel Bartlett during Doug's last summer.

At the time, he was well aware of the progress of his cancer, and that his prognosis was very grim.  Clearly, he didn't let his predicament consume him, as this short clip shows.

This video clip wasn't meant to be kept: it was just a test of the camera on its tripod for angle and remote control during the ceremony itself a little later.  However, it captures Doug well in his in-charge mode, and has become a favorite.

Doug, of course, is the guy in the shirtsleeves and tie.  His younger brother, Adam (the voice actor) is handling the still camera.

A very interesting thing to me (Doug's dad) on reviewing this clip is how the three of us communicate in sentence fragments (or even word fragments, sometimes).  I suppose that's part of what it means to be family.

Click on the image above (or right here) to be taken to "YouTube" for the video.  Make sure your audio is turned on for best enjoyment.

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