The Bracebridge Dinner

We attended the Christmas Eve edition of the banquet. My watch said that we spent three hours there, but the experience was so engrossing (and the food was so delightful) that it seemed all too short. We were blessed with a table near the front and with table-mates who were very pleasant dinner companions. I would say that we plan on returning, but the slim chances of winning another lottery make such plans iffy at best. Once in a lifetime.

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Photography during the banquet/performance is strictly forbidden. These are scanned images from the program. The first shows the main characters in the cast (but the full ensemble appeared to be about 50 performers). The choral performances were superb, under the direction of Andrea Fulton (whose family has been directing the performances for decades). The menu speaks for itself as concerns content; the quality of the dishes was faultless -- pretty astounding for a meal prepared for about 350 people!


After dinner, we retrieved our camera and took a few pictures of the hall as performers and guests were lingering. The white-haired lady toward the right in the first picture is Andrea Fulton, still in costume as the housekeeper.


Lounging greatly in the Great Lounge.


Christmas carols in the Great Lounge, Diane enjoying the Christmas Tree in the Solarium, and Diane in her natural habitat (the gift shop off the lobby).

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