Into Dublin, Jetlagged

Sherwood Harrington
Summer, 2010

After a morning United flight from San Francisco to Chicago, and after a through-the-night Aer Lingus journey from
Chicago to Dublin, we arrived at our hotel in mid-morning.  Not able to check in for a few hours, we caught a bus
to central Dublin from the airport for a bit of a dazed look around.

Please note that captions are below the pictures.  Depending on your browser's settings and monitor resolution, you
may have to scroll down to see them.

Eire2010-001 Eire2010-002 Eire2010-003 Eire2010-004 Eire2010-005 Eire2010-006
Eire2010-007 Eire2010-008 Eire2010-009 Eire2010-010 Eire2010-011 Eire2010-012
Eire2010-013 Eire2010-014 Eire2010-015 Eire2010-016 Eire2010-017 Eire2010-018

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