Filoli, July 25, 2008

Sherwood Harrington
Friday, July 25, 2008

Diane and I made our first visit in more than ten years to Filoli, a mansion and surrounding formal gardens, on Friday, July 25th.  These are a few of the photos we took then; click on the first little "thumbnail" below to be taken to a slideshow.

01Wall 02DiHedge 03Gate 04LilyPond 05Gate2
06ChimneysYews 07DoubDelight 08McCartney 09JustJoeyFar 10JustJoeyNear
11ColorMagic 12October1 13October2 14Pear 15LilKnotGarden
16WeddingSite 17YewAlley 18HydrangeaGate 19BlueHydrangeas 20YewsAndRoof
21Jungle 22PoolsAndStable 23SouthSide 24SouthSide 25SouthSide
26CroquetLawn 27MainEntrance 28Foyer 29DiningRoom 30ReceptionRoom
31Owl 32Library 33Ballroom 34Cooker 35SilverVault