Birr Castle Demesne:  Views from the Benches
Sherwood Harrington

 Bench 18:  In the far northern reaches of the Demesne near the Croghan Lodge.

The bench -- or part of it!  I neglected to take this bench's portrait, and I'm a bit far away to do so now.

The view: the hedge at left-centre, through which the castle can be seen in the distance, used to be the backdrop for the "Theatro Verde" sculptures which have since been moved to Bray near Dublin.

Please click on one of the following links to be taken to an image that will fill your monitor top-to-bottom, allowing you to pan back and forth as though you were sitting on the bench looking left and right.
1024-pixel-high panorama  (6MB)
800-pixel-high panorama  (4MB)
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Detail: bales of hay in the distant meadow, seen through a break in the hedge.

Through the same break in the hedge from nearly the same place four years prior, when the sculptures were still there.

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