Reminiscences at Doug Harrington's Memorial Bench
Dedication, May 12, 2007

(Please have your system's sound turned up; some of the speakers' voices are subdued by emotion.)

After Reva, the reminiscences are in random order; no relative "importance" should be inferred from a particular person's place in the following queue -- all loved Doug, and no one's love is more valued than another's.

Please make sure to scroll down to the very bottom of this page -- not everyone who wanted to remember Doug on video was able to, and tribute(s) from afar are being added to the bottom of this page.

Reva ponders her older brother:

Mike Kaufmann remembers:


Mike Chambers looks back on his time as a different kind of "brother":

Bill Kaufmann, Mike Kaufmann's dad, remembers Doug as a carpenter:


Jim Adams remembers his "brother" and his connections:


Rick Berry speaks:

... and his younger brother, Doug's fast friend from grade school, Mike Berry lets it all hang out:


... and Rick's and Mike's mom speaks "for the parents":


Jodi Alexander remembers Doug in a lake and tight trousers:


Bill Lombardo remembers a hotshot new kid in the sales world:


... and Dave White remembers a friend, tile, and Thinset, before his moving musical tribute:


Matt Vander Ende wasn't present to have his reminiscence captured on amateur video, but he sent this reminiscence via Jim Adams.